Sugar Creek Barbeque Co

Sugar Creek Barbeque Co -

We are a true Hoosier-style BBQ restaurant that takes pride in offering a full-service, family-friendly experience

In true Hoosier-style, The Creek's barbeque is slow-smoked for up to 14 hours every day with hickory and cherry woods.  This time-consuming process gives the meat a pink tinge called a "smoke ring" and is a prized attribute in barbeque meats.  In beef, the ring is a reddish-pink and in pork and chicken it's bright pink.

After 3 successful years as a competition team and catering-only option, Sugar Creek Barbeque Co is proud to open its doors State Road 46 in Gnawbone.  We have only one goal in mind - serve up some of the best barbeque in Indiana! 

Sugar Creek Barbeque Co Sugar Creek Barbeque Co

4359 SR 46 E
Nashville, IN 47448 (812) 988-5810
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Sunday: 10:30am7pm

Monday, Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday, Thursday: 11am8pm

Friday: 11am9pm

Saturday: 11am10pm

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